English Theatre: „Virtual Heroes“

Our exciting trip to the English theatre!

On Monday, the 13th of February the 3rd and 4th English AHS classes went with our two teachers Ms. Zeichner and Mr. Danner to the English theatre in Leibnitz. We went by bus, and in fact, it was a great bus ride, because we weren’t allowed to use our mobile phones, and we were singing and having fun during the 20 minutes.

We saw “Virtual Heroes“. It’s about Rita and Kevin, who get involved in the computer game “Fantasycraft“. In real life they are classmates and don’t like each other, but in this game, they are undercover as a good team and solve problems. After some time, they find out that they like each other in real life too, and finally become a couple. They are able to fight against two bullies, and stand up together for their rights.

We think that it was a great experience, because we had never been in an English theatre before. The actors were funny and did a great job. We also had the option to take photos with them after the show, and there was a great atmosphere. We would definitely recommend it to other schools too.

Christina Guttmann (4a)